Saturday, February 28, 2009


we started out early this morning with a return trip to the Lowe's store to take back the paint from last night---rainy and misty it was. Also priced some other needed items....fake rock for the pond(has to be light weight for what we need--so the fake is the way to go),some cement board for the kitchen floor and some more paint samples. Then on to the dreaded Wmart to buy a beach towel for our Monday foray into the pool.-- will have to go back to get the sweats I forgot to get so I can slip into them to drive home on "swim night"

This afternoon I made some cookies that Mr. S named "kitchen sink cookies" because they have everything in them but the kitchen sink--basic cookie with oatmeal, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, dried cranberries, raisins and cinnamon

Friday, February 27, 2009


today was auspicious in a couple of ways:
  1. I joined the YMCA with a couple of ladies from work and we start AquaArobics on Monday. Hoping that the three of us together will keep each other motivated and ready to work it. Tina has arthritis and this is the best way for her to work out. She is getting married soon and wants to be fit and healthy. I just want to get healthy and feel good.

  2. I stopped and bought some mini cans of paint to try in our bedroom. I love the colors I picked out--- however the lady at the store gave me two little cans of the same tomorrow I have to go out and change one of the colors--grrrr. Such the POTD:

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Thursday 2/26/09--gosh it is hard to think that the month of February is almost over. It has been 2 months since we have seen our girl. My brother, Brad, moved to the rehab floor and is working hard at getting back home. I was cleaning up at work today and realized I had nothing to put in my folder for January--- I did not work one day in January.... 1/12th of a year gone and now another month all gone nearly.
my POTD is kinda boring but all I did was stop to get gas to get home on lol---Gas is lower in price now than it has been

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of the 40 days of Lent. i am taking this from the bulletin from tonight
"Each year, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Lent is the time to reflect on the profound meaning of Jesus' gift of Himself. We are called to a life of repentance and renewal during these 40 days. Tonight we are especially mindful of our own sin and mortality. The crosses of ash we wear on our foreheads remind us that, because the wages of sin is death, we will one day return to the dust from which we came. Yet the symbol of the cross reminds us that Jesus has conquered sin and death for us. For His sake, death is simply the door that leads to life everlasting"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

02.24.09 Mardi Gras

today is Mardi Gras (fat or shrove Tuesday) we celebrated at work today with a King Cake....must not have had a baby in it---or no one admitted to finding it anyway

in other news--my brother got moved to a inpatient rehab floor. He is still in terrible pain. I can hear the depression in his voice. He has an area of breakdown on his behind and it is getting bigger and bigger. The last wound he had on his leg took 18 months to heal. Please. please. please keep him in your prayers. I can tell he is afraid he will never get any better. he is only 57 years old--but in this economy he is also worried about his job...another worry he doesnt need just now

Monday, February 23, 2009

2.23.09 Monday

today was just a regular ol day--went to the grocery store on the way home and that is my POTD.
this posting every day thing is beginning to get boring for anyone who ever reads this because i am basically a boring person lol

Sunday, February 22, 2009

02.22.09 Sunday

Abbie and her Daddy, Matt
and my wonderful SIL, Susie,and her older son Ryan

Today we got home from visiting my brother. He is in a great deal of pain. I did get some neat pictures of him and their granddaughter Abbie. the POTD today is Abbie and Papaw sitting in his hospital bed.
Abbie is a precious little girl and allowed us to play with her and hold her even though she has never seen us before..... good to meet a new great niece.
We had snow when we got up this morning in W Kentucky. Snow on the plateau on the way home and just cold when we got home. added another 500+ miles to the odometer this weekend.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


off to see my bro..will be back with some new and hopefully interesting pics of western Kentucky

Later--- well we had a interesting trip to rained (and poured) and we missed the exit to Hopkinsville and went wayyyy out of our way. It started snowing right as we got to the hospital and we ended up with this much snow

this is a view of my side view mirror on Saturday as we left the hospital to go to Brad and Susie's house

Friday, February 20, 2009


well, my dear brother is not doing as well as we hoped so tomorrow we are off to see him for the weekend. Katie may try to meet us there .It would be good to see our girl after almost two months....and I know it would cheer her dear Uncle Brad much. please pray for a say and speedy trip with no snow

I took this picture today at the doctor's office to show my SIL. she is a quilt fanatic

Thursday, February 19, 2009

not so much....

today my brother is not doing to well. He is having a lot of pain and not able to move too much. He is in more pain now than he was. I am really worried about him...if you pray please say another one for my brother Brad. I am going to try to go see him this weekend if I can get hold of Lesa to board the dogs.

In other parts of my life.... the POTD is posted much to my shame. Well it is actually much to my DH's shame it is a picture of the garage. It is really that it needs a good cleaning and more storage---and cleaning

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

surgery went well

My brother Brad, had surgery this afternoon and did well. He had a core decompression for his hip problem which is called avascular necrosis. The ortho told my SIL, Susie, that he felt as if Brad should be getting some relief from his incessant pain from this condition. . . . . . . within the next 4 weeks or so. Even saying that he felt Brad's chances for this being a success were good. May have saved him having a bilateral hip replacement in the future. Thanks for all the prayers on his behalf.
We had storms and near tornado winds today. Actually we had a tornado warning in the county where I live but not where I work. On the way home from work I saw lots and lots of swollen streams and gigantic puddles. We got nearly an inch of rain in about 45 minutes at work. My POTD is from the front stoop of my house when I got home--the sun shining out after the storms.

seems like I take a lot of pictures of the weather events and the dogs and cats huh?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

better days

today was better than yesterday at work but we were busy!
my POTD is the sunrise this morning on the way to work. This is the view from the city park as the sun comes up looking toward the NW

Monday, February 16, 2009


back to work today and I am beat like a drum--- off to bed here in just a little bit
my POTD is a great one (not really--i am being sarcastic) the door i go in to work every morning.... the focus of the photo is the coke machine--which is the highlight of my day

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 2/15/09

Today was a warm day and it was great. It has been a beautiful sunshiny day. The daffodils are blooming out and beautiful. I always take lots of pictures of the daffodils because they bloom so early and are soooo welcome.

tomorrow i go back to work and have been trying to get everything done since i am no longer a lady of leisure

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

today my sweetie, Mr S, bought me a big box of Russell Stover candy...because he knows I really like it. He really is such a good man...I got one of the last good ones. We have been married 28+ years and he is still my best friend. I got to talk to Katie on the phone and got a sweet Valentine from her and from my brother and sister in law. Wish we could have been with them.

Tonight to celebrate the holiday we had a little dinner party. Mr S' sister Lois and her hubby (also Mark) came over and I got to cook for them. One of my favorite things to do since there are only the two of us at home now. Anyway we had salad, lasagna, fresh baked bread, and home made cheesecake---well it was all made from scratch- yummm
I gotta admit I had a great time making everything. I got a lot of antique glass containers and plates and filled them with red, pink and white M&M's and tea lights for the centerpiece. That and the cheesecake surrounded by strawberries in the snow. again yummm

The best thing that happened was when we were sitting around talking and somehow the age of our kids came up.. I said something to the effect of Daniel being 28...Lois said "no he's only 27" anyway the conversation ensued that he was born in 1980 and that was the year we got married and he was 28 because he just had a birthday---well poor Lois couldn't get it right somehow and kept insisting he was 27, and Kara was 25 and Amy 23. Mark M kept saying no--he's 28, Kara is 26 and Amy is 23---- You really had to be here but it was hysterical. She finally called Daniel and by this time we were all laughing at her. She asked Dan how old he was (on speaker phone) he first asked her if she was serious and because I was laughing so much he asked if we were drinking -which was really funny because we don't drink alcohol--and told her he was 28...then he got a little mad because she didn't know how old he was ...

Anyway, we had a good time celebrating the holiday with family and laughing and eating. hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day as well

Friday, February 13, 2009


my picture of the day is my sweetie--Mr S (Mark) he was busy talking when I was taking his picture

well thank goodness today was not as depressing as it was yesterday--but I am still ready to go back to work (would someone remind me of that in a few weeks when I am complaining about work?)on Monday.
Today I got to hang out with Judi for a little while. I met her and Nickey(her DGD) at Judi's PT appointment and drove Nickey to W-mart looking for jeans. By the way if anyone is even keeping up with this, Today was a RED letter day---Judi's last PT visit....she has been released!!! it is also her wedding anniversary :-( we didn't get to talk about it much but I know she is very sad about it.
Anyway after I drove Nickey to the dreaded W-mart (no jeans) and a stop at the C0-op (they had jeans) we ate at the Good Ol' Days. now Nickey and Judi like it to.
then I made a big old from scratch cheesecake for dinner tomorrow when Mark and Lois come for Valentine's day

Thursday, February 12, 2009


OK this staying home thing is getting to me....I realllly need to go back to work,
my picture of the day is the flowers that are now blooming in our front yard. They re not totally our yet but they are beautiful. Today was warm enough that I sat out on the front steps with the dogs for a long time

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what a blustery day

today was definitely a blustery day. The wind really whipped around the corners of the house and the trees swayed and swished. i think the news said the gust were up to 55 MPH. We could hear the trees in the lots across the street crackling and creaking--and the occasional one falling. Luckily we just had branches fall in our yard.

this is the corner of our yard and fence with all the leaves blown into it from the strong winds today

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

back to Dr today..........

..and despite my best pleading and begging.. i cant go back to work until next Mon. conversation went something like this:
Dr-- "so how ya feeling"
me-- "OK, the R hand is still painful, but the L hand is great"
Dr.--"any numbness or problems? here touch your pinky with your thumb"
me- "Well yes L hand is still tingly but not bad --and NO i cant touch my pinky and thumb. so when can i go back to work"
Dr.--" now what is it you do? when do you want to go back?"
me--"I type and I want to go back tomorrow"
Dr.--"OK Monday it is" as he is walking out the door
me--" WAIT! i want to go back tomorrow? Cant i go back tomorrow?"
Dr.--"your hand is going to get awful tired. Monday it is"
me-- as he is walking out--"I can deal with tired....... not tomorrow?"
Dr--"Monday it is"
me as he is walking completely out the door "I need an return to work paper and........" He's gone by now......"a gel splint ....for.... my ... L....wrist"

so i waited at the door until a nurse walked by and told her what i needed when she looked at me with the "whatta you waiting for" look and told her and then i was on my way (after I got home i noticed she got me a medium one and i really need a small and now that fits weird and doesn't really do what it is intended---sigh)


on the bright note my pic of the day is of Tina's hand sporting her new engagement ring! Congrats to Tina and Billy

Monday, February 9, 2009

pre-Valentine Card making

sooo- I have spent yesterday and today making all kinds of valentines for my co-workers and other friends. Some of these do not appear to be regular Valentine-type images. But I think I have made them work. they are each geared to what that person likes so I tried to make them work for Valentines day. I was looking at some antique Valentine's I have-- one little car shaped on said 'let's 'run-about' together" that is where i got the ideas for these cards. in () is anything special I have used on them. The rest of my co-workers are just getting regular cards

the first photo--
  • the kitty card -
    sneaking in on little cat feet to say Happy Valentine's day (stickles for their collars)
  • The Rooster-
    let me “crow' that you are my valentine (ric-rac, ink)
  • the little cart -
    don't carry my heart off in this cart.please say you'll be my Valentine (flower soft)

the second photo--

  • the cross--
    I thank God for your friendship-- happy Valentines day (bronze embossing powder)
  • truck--driving by to see if you'll be my valentine (clear embossing powder)
  • Eeyore-
    “thank you, Pooh” answered Eeyore. “you re a real friend” said he
    AA Milne, Winne the Pooh (twinkling H2O's)
  • quilt- since you have a “piece” of my heart...wont you be my valentine?
  • heart tag- now that you have my heart-wont you be my valentines (stickles)
  • shoes- don't walk away before you say you'll be my valentine (stickles)

So if anyone is reading this--whatcha think????

Sunday, February 8, 2009


........need I say more?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

gosh I forgot!

the best news today was that took my test today that is the last one for my course work. Now I only need to sign up and take the 5 1/2 hr final in March

Mo doggy goes to the vet--and the fence comes down

So... late yesterday afternoon and last night I noticed Mo was not his usual happy-tail doggy self. OK-- the dog is a trash compactor in dog form and I thought he may have over eaten or something. But when it came time to go outside for the last time I noticed he was having trouble going down the steps. We gave him one of Sadiey's Remidyl capsules (he had taken the same dose as she had 9 years ago when he hurt his back) to help with the pain. Like I said -- he had a back injury 9 yrs ago when he was only a year old. We thought at that time that he might not pull through it because it was a severe injury with some nerve damage... but after MONTHS of doggy bed rest, meds and TLC he was OK. Eventually even his doggy rear-foot drop went away and he had no problems.
So this morning when his tail was still not waggy I called the vet and off we went. After exams, xrays and (I'm sure in Mo's mind torture) pinching and prodding the diagnosis is back. He has a back injury again--- not near as bad as last time--but he is nearly 10 years old this time. He is on high dose steroids, back on doggy bed rest and "tincture of time" (what one of the Dr's i used to work for called wait and see) He has to be carried up and down stairs and NO jumping etc.

I usually try to get the pic 'o the day early in case nothing much happens--which is what I did when Mo went to see Dr Bass. Little did I know what the rest of the day would bring.

After we got settled in back at home Mark tackled the back yard earth moving project. (There are still about 5 P/U loads of dirt that need to be moved to complete the water fall area and the building site) Anyway, since it was to be near 70 degrees today seemed like a good day to move some dirt. He is doing this all by hand mind you--- no earth moving equipment other than a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow. Mark got the truck loaded with about 2 tons of dirt and got ready to go down our steeeep driveway to unload. He enlisted my help to move the car which was at the bottom of the driveway "so I don't slide into the car in case I skid down the driveway". Well two tons of dirt dragging a truck down a steep driveway--- driver unable to control the slipping and the bottom of the yard fence is under the truck. He actually got a little stuck and had to really try to run down the fence because he couldn't move any other way. That fence post he put in didn't want to move but there was no other way around it and over the fence he had to go.

But, being the wonder-man he is, now the truck is unloaded, the fence is repaired(so the doggies don't get in the road and get smashed) and he is in the shower. OK so this is not a big disaster because we are planning on replacing this fence soon anyway with a picket fence --just not yet. Again I sing his praise--what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man

Friday, February 6, 2009

Crock-pot Spaghetti?

Years ago ,nearly 10years in fact, when I met my friend Rhonda she was not known for her cooking skills. She was pretty young and had not been cooking for long and ---well she had some disasters. LOL Actually her hubby Don did most of the cooking.
One of our family's "Rhonda Stories" was about spaghetti and involved a Crock-pot. Rhonda and Don had gotten a Crock-pot as a wedding gift and Rhonda (being Rhonda after all) had not tried it. One day she attempted to make spaghetti in the noble pot........ no, not the sauce but the actual pasta part of the dish! What we laughed about was her exact wording... " didn't work too well. The noodles and the water cooked for hours and the noodles never did get soft. After 10 hours they were still crunchy!"
Now you have to understand our girl Rhonda. A sweeter, better,gentle person has never walked on the face of this earth. She is such a good friend and always eager to help you or explain to you a solution to a problem if you have one. She is also a A-#1 prayer partner-- I told her one time her prayers always seem so sincere and like they go straight up to heaven to God's ear. Hope you understand what I mean. She may be a little naive (she didn't know that Elton John is gay and wasn't sure where the World Trade Center was on 9/11) but she is a wonderful person!
Anyway for years now, around this household she had been nicknamed "Crock pot Spaghetti Rhonda". Believe me this name is given with love. As a matter of fact when Katie had her appendix removed Rhonda one of her first visitor's. She called to see if we needed anything and Katie asked if I meant "Crock -pot Spaghetti Rhonda" when I told her who was on the phone.

Where is this long story going?--the the picture of the day of course. my best good-friend Becky, from Maryland sent me a recipe for "Crock-pot Mac & Cheese" which I made for dinner tonight and it is yummmy. And worked in the Crock-pot

Macaroni and Velveeta Cheese

1 1/2 cups dry macaroni
1 TBS butter
1 tsp salt
1/2 lb Velveeta cheese sliced
1 qt milk

1. Combine macaroni, butter and salt
2. Layer cheese over the top.
3. Pour in milk.
4. Cover. Cook on high for 2-3 hours, or until macaroni are soft.

I had mine on for 3 hours and it was more than done. I kicked it up a notch by turning the crock pot off and sprinkling the top with shredded cheddar.

and the pic of the day:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

driving Miss Sadiey

today I took my Sadiey to get her nails clipped at the groomer (she hates to go the groomer) so I drove Miss Sadiey to the groomer LOL. Then we had to stop at the vet's and pick up her Rimadyl. She got to go two of her most hated places today. I had forgotten how hard it is to take her anywhere. She is getting quite elderly (just had her 14th birthday) and has trouble with her Cocker Spaniel hips. That on top of the fact that she can not hear much and doesn't see too long as she can see me and tell what i want her to do she is good. I was actually quite pleased at the groomer. i had called in advance and just inquired about getting her nails cut. informed the lady that answered the phone that she is very timid and wanted to know if i could just stay there with her and get it over with. We were there less than 3 minutes and Sadiey did just fine.
Tonight Mark and I headed down to the Good Ol' Days for a burger and then to the grocery here is my pic of the day.. the checker and bagger at Kroger. I explained to Josh and Logan about the picture of the day and project 365 and they were OK with it and me posting it here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cold again

Today was frigid again. makes me so very thankful for a nice warm place to live and the family that loves me...and amazingly enough(for our area) it snowed yet again today.... we have had more snow this January/February than we have had in ages
A friend of mine, Vicki, was just diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer--so if you think of it please say a prayer for her. She is just getting ready to begin the journey of treatment and procedures.
Today since i have been hunkered down and trying to stay warm i have been watching the furry people in our house. (shhhh they don't know but that would be Sadiey, Mo, Maggie,Tigger Bubba) They each react to cold in their own way--Bubba and Tigger cuddle up somewhere warm --like on my bed. Maggie stays curled up on a pillow on the sofa--and avoids her sweater even though she is freezing. Somehow i think Mo has the best idea--he stays curled up under his blanket in his bed and tries to pretend he is not here where i might try to make him go outside.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my sweetie

i was thinking about things again today---sometimes a scary hubby is one of the most considerate men ever---funny things he does that are important to me that no one else would think of as important.

  1. he always makes sure i get the "end piece" of the loaf of bread since it is my favorite
  2. 2. he takes care of the outside chores and doesn't even ask me if i want to help---because he usually knows i don't

    3.he checks on me if i have been 'marinating" in the bath tub too long--he either wants to wake me up or know that i am OK

  3. he knows what scares me--and doesn't make fun of my silly fears

  4. he loves me just how i am--fat, sad, unhappy and depressed

  5. he makes sure that things he knows will bother me--a dead bird in the yard, something being mistreated etc..i will never see

what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man he is!

Monday, February 2, 2009

snow again!

we woke this morning to big giant snow flakes again. We actually got about 2 inches at my house--less in some spots. The birds were busy at the feeders

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Don't read this is you are not prepared to be confused and confounded...this is what happens to me in the winter usually. I get contemplative and depressed,angry and happy, sad and glad..

so...i was thinking of the way I want people to treat me and think of me—dichotomy is the only word I can think of.

dichotomy Definition di·choto·my (-mÄ“) noun pl. dichotomies -·mies
division into two parts, groups, or classes, esp. when these are sharply distinguished or opposed

  1. I want my family and friends to know that I am strong enough to be able to take care of ANYTHING—but I don't want to be expected to take care of everything (or sometimes anything)

  2. I want to know how to do things—but not be expected to do everything

  3. I want everyone to know that I am intelligent and able---but I don't want them to think I know everything about anything

  4. I want to be treasured and appreciated---but not treat me like a fragile flower.

  5. I want to live close to Katie(and my only sibling as well)—but not toooo close ( 351 miles is just waaaay to far—it scares me to be 5 hrs 30 minutes away from her)

other things that I always think of at the first of the year:

  • I want to have friends that live near me as well as my lovely cyber friends--ya know the kind you hang out with--see the next bullet point (all of mine seem to be cyber friends)

  • I want people to come visit me at my home and feel welcome

  • I would like to have a more active social life (see #1)

  • I want to learn to dance (ballroom)

  • I would like to go to a church that is active(well I would like to stay at the same church—but wish it was active)

now if you got through that ----today was my sister in law, Lois' birthday, we had a nice meal together and enjoyed their company—this picture was taken later last night at the in laws so I am counting it as today's