Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/21/10 Sunday

so far in 2010 we have had two (count 'em 2) computer crashes..i have lost all addresses and everything i had on the computer.....6 months of pictures (yes--i am a goober--i didn't have them on disk yet).
This weekend we were supposed to go to Memphis to see the daughter--Wednesday I started having trouble with my right eye. Painful enough to keep me awake at night. Friday Mr S took the dogs to the kennel and i made a appointment with the opthamologist..... we still had hopes of going to Memphis and getting there later. Sylvia's (Dr) words broke my heart.. "no, you are not going to Memphis this weekend!" me--"but my car is all ready--we are on our way" Sylvia---'nope-- you are maybe contagious--back home you go" So Instead of going to Memphis I have spent the weekend in bed with my ipod--but I am better and am going to work tomorrow..... save that day off for when i really can go to Memphis.
Watching lots of TV (I know!) and the Winter Olympics--they have had snow trouble--not enough.. we have had snow trouble too--way a lot. Very unusual for us-- i will try to post some pics. they are safe still on the camera