Friday, March 29, 2013

My Daughter the Doctor!

 Today I am one proud Momma! She achieved something that she has dreamed of for a long time. Today our baby girl, Katie Stringer, became Dr. Katie Stringer. She has worked hard to get to this point. I can't tell you how proud we are of her
Two things I would like to relate:
#1-when she was about 6 she had to get stitches in her leg. The PA that was stitching her up was freaking out because she wanted to watch him.He was so afraid she would  break his sterile field. He kept telling her she couldn't reach over there. She was as calm as could be, as long as she could see what he was doing. She sure made him sweat though. He said "so, do you want to be a nurse when you grow up?" her reply "nope, I want to be a doctor". At the time, I think she was meaning another  kind of doctor---but there she is 20ish years later--my daughter the doctor -
#2- 3 years ago when she was trying to decide if she wanted to continue to her education and complete her education with a pH.D, or go out in the world and get a job. I remember our conversation so well. She said "but Momma, when I finish I will be nearly 27 years old" and I answered... "you know what? you will probably be almost 27 years old in 3 years whether you go to school or not"
..... and she is and she did and she did it with grace and poise and great determination! We are so proud of our daughter, Dr. Mary Kate Stringer!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am Blessed beyond anything I can imagine...well we knew that. Because none of us deserve the blessings we have--hence the name of the blog :-)
today I am blessed by several things:
Mr. S--- not only has he loved me through many things--he is just a lovable kind of guy. He works hard to bring home a paycheck. Today he went out of his way to go to our local quilt shop Loose Threads to see if they had a pedal for my sewing machine. As I was finishing a quilt over the weekend  I dropped my pedal and broke it. I was going to have to order one from an online retailer I thought. Anyway, he dropped by the store and found the machine repair guy --wallah the guy had a pedal and Mr S talked him into taking $20 for it. Now I can finish the quilt and  have one more project done. YEAH!
Katie-- tomorrow is D-Day! She defends her dissertation in the morning and will be finished with school-- FOREVER she says. she will have her Ph.D. graduation is May 11! wooooot!She has been employed at as a Director of Collections, Interpretation, and Development . We are so dang proud of her! She set her goal early in her life and stuck with it. She has been determined and tenacious
Now, I am done with telling you why I am especially blessed today...oh one more thing-- the weather was beautiful today with no snow! (we have gotten more snow in March that all the rest of the year put together)