Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm back-- Much has changed. Much will change

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mo's sore skin saga

 so very much has happened since I last posted. No one ever reads this anyway-- but it has been a stressful couple of years. Things are looking up some. Katie is getting married in October, moving to SC in June or July, got a new job. My new son-in-love to be Charles  has all this going on too.  Bought/buying a house, getting a dog--or a goat-- living 15b minures from the beach---- oh so much coming up

Posting this here so I can keep track of it- Mo has suffered for 16 yrs  with his skin issues. I know no one (probably) is interested in this mess- But here I can make some notes and who knows some day someone may find it out there on the WWW and get some help for their dog-- or whatever.

 This is my facebook post from  May 4-- I figured I have lots of friends who love their doggy's and it is possible someone else has found the cure for this---"Serious doggy help needed.... Our old man, Mo, has terrible skin problems. As soon as it starts getting warm he gets itchy. He gets hot spots. He gets places he chews his skin off. His skin turns black and feels thick and hard. This is not new. He is 16 years old and has happened every summer sine he was 3 months old. Last year the meds OTC for hot spots worked. This year nothing. We have tried everything the vet recommends. Anyway, long story short...... Our poor guy is miserable and I don't know what else to do for him. He can't take more than three steps and having to stop and scratch. The steroid injections are something I hate to subject him to....... Any ideas? Anyone? Thanks in advance "
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  • Susie Jackson Poor Mo, hope you figure out something
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  • Brenda Jackson Stringer Oh we've tried changing food... No grains etc and every bath product known to man along with food supplements. And he doesn't have fleas. Maybe grass allergy? And how do you treat that?
  • Susie Jackson Maybe he is allergic to grass- his Aunt Susie is!!!
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  • Brenda Jackson Stringer Benadryl doesn't seem to help either.... Thought of the whole family's allergies aunt Susie.
  • Heather Henderson Tea tree oil?
  • Vicky O'Shell Long That's what I was about to say Heather Henderson...try Tea Tree Oil.
  • Audrey Gardner Schiller We use to give Benadryl to holly or get her a steroid shot..
  • Sonya Coffey I know Joni Cole Mann used Selsun Blue with aloe shampoo.Hope Gibson. Do you and Joni know of anything else for Brenda to try?
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  • Cindy Scriviner Siebert Be very careful with tea tree oil. If ingested it is poisonous to dogs. I have a friend who has been successful using chewable Vitamin C for their dog's skin issues.
  • Mary Wagner Mangold Is his thyroid cocker had the same issues till she was put on thyroid meds
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  • Lisa May Packett I use Golds Bond Medicated Powder and give him Benadryl at the same time. This seems to help
  • Brenda Tapp Lawrence Spray hot spots often with watered down hydrogen pyroxide may lighten fur.
  • Nicole Caravella Schwarz I've used vets best hot spot shampoo (amazon) and it works amazing. Literally cured it within two days and my pup was practically chewing her tail off. As soon as the humidity starts back up on Florida it bothers her and this keeps it at bay all summer.
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  • Abigail Gautreau If you go to a tack store or Tractor Supply, see if they have Eqyss Microtek shampoo. It's made for horses, but it is safe for dogs, and it has all kinds of nice skin-soothing things in it, and it smells lovely. I used it on an old lady dog I looked af...See More
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  • Lori Slover Girl, you know I don't have a clue on this one!
  • Ronda Poland Lancaster Milo used to get hot spots and itchy in the spring. We gave him Benadryl.
  • Becky Fairchild Have you tried Bensdryl? Steroid tablets? Atopica? Those are the 3 things (in order from what worked at first to what works now) that Polly has taken. She goes to a doggy dermatologist.
  • Dora Cottle Carter Brenda...our boys are on Apoquel, also Micotek shampoo, Children's Benadryl prn. You can also try Zymox shampoo, adding a probiotic to his food. We have dealt with skin issues for 14 years now. We're not experts...just caring dog parents!  Hope your little guy feels better soon!!!! (for short term, you may want to try the steroids, since it sounds like his issue is really severe!)
  • Brenda Jackson Stringer I want to thank each and everyone of you. My poor boy will appreciate it when he feels better. right now during the experimentation phase- not so much I have written down all of the above ideas in my little notebook. im going to try each of them start...See More
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  • Heather Henderson Well Brenda Jackson Stringer, if you would like me to bring you the tea tree oil we put on our dog, let me know, I just ordered a case and it wouldn't hurt to try. It's not shampoo though, you rub it in and leave it on.
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  • Brenda Jackson Stringer i think i have some Heather- I will look and let you know tomorrow
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  • Heather Henderson Ok, sounds good
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  • Heather Henderson I too used all that Rx stuff with no results, it was frustrating, unfortunately it has taken you many more years! I'm glad by her 3rd year this finally worked!
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  • Brenda Jackson Stringer  Heather--- tonight Benadryl and tea tree oil if i have some
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  • Dora Cottle Carter Please let us know, when you hit on a combination that may help some of us!!! 
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  • Abigail Gautreau I hope it works for him, Brenda! My old lady dog had like yeast infections on her skin in addition to hotspots, so of course your mileage may vary. there's also the old trick of putting a tshirt on him (thought I don't know where you'd get a tshirt to fit Mo!) to keep him from chewing the spots so they can heal.  Poor pup!
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  • Abigail Gautreau Also, the nice thing about buying horse stuff for dogs is that it lasts FOREVER.
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  • Hope Gibson Also get the generic Zertec at food city . Green package $1 for 10 tablets same ingredients. I asked the pharmacist. At the $1 counter
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  • Hope Gibson Shampoo : mix 1 cup clear polmolive dish wash with 1 cup apple cider vinegar. Mix in a squirt bottle from Sally's . Add I tsp, glicerin optional . Good for all dogs!
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  • Brenda Jackson Stringer Abigail- actually he has a couple of t-shirts made just for pups- He also fits perfectly into a 6 mo size childs shirt. LOL We tried the tea tree oil mixed with a little coconut oil last night and i just added some again. He had some raw spots (new ones) this morning-- but he seemed to sleep better. But, I suppose that could have been the Benadryl too. Tea tree oil is great for skin irritations. Well-- heck he is chewing himself right now and it's not been 1/2 hr since i put it on. The tea tree/coconut oil has a couple more days on its test.
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  • Brenda Jackson Stringer

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  • My rescue Maltipoo came with severe allergies. After several years of struggling with OTC and vet meds I got it right! We saw a canine dermatologist in Louisville tn Excessive yeast was our main problem. Here's our regiment: Am 1/2 Zertec plus 1/2 Benadryl Plus 1 fish oil capsule Grain free foods and treats ONLY Wipe paws off with a baby wipe each time he goes outside Pm: 1/2 Zertec 1/2 Benadryl 1 fish oil capsule EACH DAY HE GOT HALF A KETOCONOZOLE PERSCRIPTION PILL WE ARE NOW DOWN TO HALF EVERY OTHER DAY!! Bathe every 3-5 days no oatmeal shampoo This takes several months to be fully effective However, at his age, I WOUD NOT HESITATE GIVING HIM INJECTIONS OR CORTISONE PILLS!!!!!! Quality over length of life !!!!!! Living miserable is not living:)

    Oh. Thank you so much. We have tried some o FB those things. Just not in that combo pack. He has been on ketaconozole several times may have to give him a run of that too. I know he's 16 and we don't have to worry so about his length of life so much any more. But when he takes steroids he has to wear a doggie diaper and it embarrassing to him LOL. Thanks again for the advice... Guess we go to the vet for some drugs next.
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    Ok my senior girl had seasonal allergies so she took cortisone tabs 4 weeks in fall and spring Her liver was enlarged later but she lived to be 17!
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