Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lonesome... part II

I don't think lonesome is the right word for what I was feeling yesterday. More out of sorts. today I am just feeling like I need to be creative....  I am working on a quilt for my best friend's new great-grand daughter who is due soon. I can't wait to meet her. So exciting.
 I need to finish several projects....and pay bills....and wash dishes..... and go to bed early as per my Dr's orders. I need to get enough sleep. Off to create something!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

sometimes I'm so lonesome

At this time of year I am always sorta sad. Winter seems so dreary to me. I love the cold (when we get cold as we have today), a little snow (like we had last week) and the toasty bed when it is time for sleep. I DON’T love the dreary, no sun, cold, snow and short days. As usual this time of year, I get lonesome. I miss my family that is waiting for me in heaven, I miss our pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge, and I miss the long days and warm weather.

I am so very blessed that there is really no reason for me to be sad or lonesome. I have a wonderful husband… Mr. S is so very good to me. Even when he gets on my nerves. Katie is a great daughter. She is doing very well and will graduate soon with her PhD. She already has a job she likes and is happy. She has even brought a nice guy into our lives. . . . . . And a grand-kitten. J

the light of our lives
our lovely daughter
It occurred to me today that I am middle-aged! Big surprise I know. I am just amazed that my life is more over than is left; my mom has been gone longer than I was with her here on earth, my big brother lives in another state and I don’t see him as often as I want to.

My Brother at age 18
grandfather Jackson

me and my brother-Nashville
my dad and his sister when they were in
their 80's

grandmother Jackson

grandparents May with my momma as a baby

Mr S' parents..... great parents and examples
Mr S. as a little guy

I have so many things I want to do… travel…make countless quilts (maybe for a someday grandchild)… make scrapbooks…. Read all the books that interest me… love on my kid ….and my hubby….and my dog. …. Be happy in the sun…be happy in the winter… share the great old photos we recently found with my cousins…. See my family happy and in a good place… ride a horse… raise some chickens… travel…. Go with my love to Alaska…go on an ocean cruise….write a book……… many things I want to do.

me and Mr S--age 18 and 22