Thursday, August 13, 2009

8.13.09 Thursday

my new useful tool. I don't mind doing laundry. My old washer and dryer were on their last legs. My old washer was purchased in about 1989 and the dryer prior to that--it may have even been my mother in law's and she has been dead for 23 years so i don't know how old it is. The new duet--4.2 and 7 CU feet (16 pair of jeans or comforter and towels) Loving it

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8.12.09 Wednesday

yesterday was Mr S' birthday. Today he got a card from our daughter (Katie).... I think she is an acorn that didnt fall far from the tree.. in honor of her dad-- a card with the new backyard waterfall

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8.11.09 Tuesday

Happy Birthday Mr S!!
This is the day we celebrate the birth of my dear hubby, Mr S.
Funny story-- on the day of Mr S's 5th birthday and at a party full of little boys, Edith (his Mom) had to leave the party with Charles in charge (his Dad). Seems she was in labor with my Mr S's little sister.... and later that day miss Nancy came into world. She was born 5 years on the same day as my Mr S. Nancy always felt a little left out because she got a cupcake for her birthday instead of a real big cake. Poor baby
He spent most of the day today stacking lumber after he and super brother-in-law cut down the trees (the last two weekends) and then sawed it into lumber.. so we can build a workshop and a porch for me

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8.4.09 Tuesday

trying to get caught up on the old posting. Tonight's post is about 3 dogs, two bones and a pigs ear. Tonight as we got home from shopping i decided to give the dogs a treat as they had been alone all day.
Sadiey is the Black Cocker Spaniel (age 14) Mo is the daschund (10 years) and Maggie (brindle colored chihuahua) is the baby of the group (at about 5 years old)
I had two Bondo bones and a pigs ear---usually that would work ok since Saidey likes the Bondo bones, Maggie loves the bondo bones and Mo craves the chewing the pigs ears. said the magic words "who wants a treat" and was instantly surrounded by loving doggies. well anytime you get these three together the two older dogs get a choice of the treat.... Sadiey took one of the bones, Mo took the Pig ear and Maggie was left with the other bone....
then the fun starts--- Saidey carries her bone around hanging out of her mouth like a cigar (she is really betting it moist enough so she can chew it) Maggie carries hers somewhere she can leave it and then tries to steal someone elses..
Tonight Maggie stole Mo's ear and carried them both to the courch, where she had hidden her bone, and left to see if she could manage to wrangle Saidey's bone as well..... while Maggie was gone Mo hopped up to the couch and took over the ear and the bone LOL

next Maggie goes to see if she can sneak the last one from Saidey(eventhough Mo is eating her treat in the meantime) Mo see's what is going on and thinks he may be missing something---so in the end the two goofy dogs sit and watch Saidey enjoy her treat and not be able to enjoy theirs for worrying about it--- and Saidey is oblivious to their problems and loving her Bondo Bone. .....after they get done watching Saidey they will both go get their own treat and have a good time

Monday, August 3, 2009

8.3.09 Monday

today's' POTD was taken on the way to work---sunrise. we have had a really surprising summer-- really cool compared to usual---but today there was no rain and the weather was seasonable.

I saw this on the back of a truck on the way home tonight..... I so believe this statement. i don't care what you think about the war we are in-- i don't care what your political beliefs are. i just think we need to support our troops--- no matter what! My nephew is getting ready to be deployed again, my father was in WWII, my FIL was in the service, my great uncle was in WWI and my great great great (however many greats it is) was in the civil war and his brother on the other side... so i support our military This is what i saw... please take it and re post it if you want to----- I love it

If you don't stand behind our troops....
go stand in front of them!