Monday, December 1, 2008

Chistmas is coming

The dog days of summer have passed and we are well on the way to winter and the season of love and peace. So much has happened--- too much to tell it all so I decided to just go for a short update on what is going on

Judi-- is recovering well from the accident. It has been a slooooooow process but she is going to recover well. She has endured several operations and even several returns to the hospital, 8 weeks of laying on her back and now has had the pelvic halo removed. (Talk about a tortuous device... picture a metal bracelet that sticks out about 8inches attached to the front of your pelvis into the pelvic bones). She had complications - - - -and lots of pain--- and returns to the hospital for several days. She is still is in the nursing home and will have to stay there for several more weeks. She then will have to go home and face a empty home- - -and will have to deal with Carson's death all over again.

In October, Mark and I went to Colorado on a bus trip. It was a long trip but we had a wonderful time. We got to see a part of the country we have never been too. We were impressed with the Rockies and got to see some great areas of beauty. We loved the Gardens of the Gods, the Royal Gorge and the Air Force Academy. While at the Royal Gorge I went on a bridge that was 1,053 feet above the river. Then we went to the bottom of the Gorge on an incline rail....with my fear of heights that is amazing.

Also at the end of October the company I work for was sold to a larger company.... Not sure what that will mean in the long run yet. For now I am working on finishing my course work to become a CPC (Certified Professional Coder) in addition to my nursing background, in the hopes that this will make me a much more valuable employee.

Mark and I went to the Smokies for Thanksgiving and stayed in our time share condo. Katie and her BF Brad joined us for Thanksgiving and we ended up cooking in the condo--- which was somewhat of an experience. We enjoyed our weekend and relaxed and ate and took it easy. Brad took our family photo for our Christmas card.

Now, here we are at Christmas time almost. It is time to start all the preparations for Christmas. The time is here for baking, cooking,decorating, eating, sharing our time, sharing our love and remembering the reason for the season.