Monday, June 17, 2013

simple AHA quilt

Small quilt I put together for a raffle at work to benefit the American Heart Association.
I am getting ready to do something I have not done on purpose since I was 15 years old and got
my driver's permit (or my friends did)  I am going to walk and raise money for the heart association. To do that our
team, "The Fastest Turtles in the Mid-South", is doing some fund raising prior to the actual walk. This is all done  by machine.... now hand sewing except for the binding around the edge.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

shoes, shoes, shoes

pair of plain white shoes that got attacked by Sharpie markers. Freehanded designs of my own. I love them, they were to large for me so I gave them to my workmate, Darlene. I'm making another pair for me--all black and white. Since I had the Sharpies the only cost upfront was for the shoes $5.99
When I looked at these pictures of the shoes it reminded me of the ones I used to decorate for my sweet baby girl-- the ones  I remember most of hers were the ones with a house and a sun on them...done with the late 80's puffy paint.