Monday, February 9, 2009

pre-Valentine Card making

sooo- I have spent yesterday and today making all kinds of valentines for my co-workers and other friends. Some of these do not appear to be regular Valentine-type images. But I think I have made them work. they are each geared to what that person likes so I tried to make them work for Valentines day. I was looking at some antique Valentine's I have-- one little car shaped on said 'let's 'run-about' together" that is where i got the ideas for these cards. in () is anything special I have used on them. The rest of my co-workers are just getting regular cards

the first photo--
  • the kitty card -
    sneaking in on little cat feet to say Happy Valentine's day (stickles for their collars)
  • The Rooster-
    let me “crow' that you are my valentine (ric-rac, ink)
  • the little cart -
    don't carry my heart off in this cart.please say you'll be my Valentine (flower soft)

the second photo--

  • the cross--
    I thank God for your friendship-- happy Valentines day (bronze embossing powder)
  • truck--driving by to see if you'll be my valentine (clear embossing powder)
  • Eeyore-
    “thank you, Pooh” answered Eeyore. “you re a real friend” said he
    AA Milne, Winne the Pooh (twinkling H2O's)
  • quilt- since you have a “piece” of my heart...wont you be my valentine?
  • heart tag- now that you have my heart-wont you be my valentines (stickles)
  • shoes- don't walk away before you say you'll be my valentine (stickles)

So if anyone is reading this--whatcha think????

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