Tuesday, February 10, 2009

back to Dr today..........

..and despite my best pleading and begging.. i cant go back to work until next Mon. conversation went something like this:
Dr-- "so how ya feeling"
me-- "OK, the R hand is still painful, but the L hand is great"
Dr.--"any numbness or problems? here touch your pinky with your thumb"
me- "Well yes L hand is still tingly but not bad --and NO i cant touch my pinky and thumb. so when can i go back to work"
Dr.--" now what is it you do? when do you want to go back?"
me--"I type and I want to go back tomorrow"
Dr.--"OK Monday it is" as he is walking out the door
me--" WAIT! i want to go back tomorrow? Cant i go back tomorrow?"
Dr.--"your hand is going to get awful tired. Monday it is"
me-- as he is walking out--"I can deal with tired....... not tomorrow?"
Dr--"Monday it is"
me as he is walking completely out the door "I need an return to work paper and........" He's gone by now......"a gel splint ....for.... my ... L....wrist"

so i waited at the door until a nurse walked by and told her what i needed when she looked at me with the "whatta you waiting for" look and told her and then i was on my way (after I got home i noticed she got me a medium one and i really need a small and now that fits weird and doesn't really do what it is intended---sigh)


on the bright note my pic of the day is of Tina's hand sporting her new engagement ring! Congrats to Tina and Billy

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