Friday, February 27, 2009


today was auspicious in a couple of ways:
  1. I joined the YMCA with a couple of ladies from work and we start AquaArobics on Monday. Hoping that the three of us together will keep each other motivated and ready to work it. Tina has arthritis and this is the best way for her to work out. She is getting married soon and wants to be fit and healthy. I just want to get healthy and feel good.

  2. I stopped and bought some mini cans of paint to try in our bedroom. I love the colors I picked out--- however the lady at the store gave me two little cans of the same tomorrow I have to go out and change one of the colors--grrrr. Such the POTD:

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Katie said...

congrats on water aerobics!! That sounds great! I'm proud of you :) I just found out the rec center at school has free group classes, so me and one of my friends are gonna try to motivate each other to go to those and get a little fitter :) Good luck!