Friday, February 13, 2009


my picture of the day is my sweetie--Mr S (Mark) he was busy talking when I was taking his picture

well thank goodness today was not as depressing as it was yesterday--but I am still ready to go back to work (would someone remind me of that in a few weeks when I am complaining about work?)on Monday.
Today I got to hang out with Judi for a little while. I met her and Nickey(her DGD) at Judi's PT appointment and drove Nickey to W-mart looking for jeans. By the way if anyone is even keeping up with this, Today was a RED letter day---Judi's last PT visit....she has been released!!! it is also her wedding anniversary :-( we didn't get to talk about it much but I know she is very sad about it.
Anyway after I drove Nickey to the dreaded W-mart (no jeans) and a stop at the C0-op (they had jeans) we ate at the Good Ol' Days. now Nickey and Judi like it to.
then I made a big old from scratch cheesecake for dinner tomorrow when Mark and Lois come for Valentine's day

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