Thursday, February 5, 2009

driving Miss Sadiey

today I took my Sadiey to get her nails clipped at the groomer (she hates to go the groomer) so I drove Miss Sadiey to the groomer LOL. Then we had to stop at the vet's and pick up her Rimadyl. She got to go two of her most hated places today. I had forgotten how hard it is to take her anywhere. She is getting quite elderly (just had her 14th birthday) and has trouble with her Cocker Spaniel hips. That on top of the fact that she can not hear much and doesn't see too long as she can see me and tell what i want her to do she is good. I was actually quite pleased at the groomer. i had called in advance and just inquired about getting her nails cut. informed the lady that answered the phone that she is very timid and wanted to know if i could just stay there with her and get it over with. We were there less than 3 minutes and Sadiey did just fine.
Tonight Mark and I headed down to the Good Ol' Days for a burger and then to the grocery here is my pic of the day.. the checker and bagger at Kroger. I explained to Josh and Logan about the picture of the day and project 365 and they were OK with it and me posting it here.

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Sherri said...

They are pretty dogs. Yes, I suppose compared to your little cute guys, Smokey seems really big. We call him "Turd bucket" as he is a big rotten spoiled turd! Ha.
It's always interesting to see the different thing people come up with for their picture of the day. I took photo of Goody's and all their going out of business signs yesterday. But haven't gotten it off my camera yet.