Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cold again

Today was frigid again. makes me so very thankful for a nice warm place to live and the family that loves me...and amazingly enough(for our area) it snowed yet again today.... we have had more snow this January/February than we have had in ages
A friend of mine, Vicki, was just diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer--so if you think of it please say a prayer for her. She is just getting ready to begin the journey of treatment and procedures.
Today since i have been hunkered down and trying to stay warm i have been watching the furry people in our house. (shhhh they don't know but that would be Sadiey, Mo, Maggie,Tigger Bubba) They each react to cold in their own way--Bubba and Tigger cuddle up somewhere warm --like on my bed. Maggie stays curled up on a pillow on the sofa--and avoids her sweater even though she is freezing. Somehow i think Mo has the best idea--he stays curled up under his blanket in his bed and tries to pretend he is not here where i might try to make him go outside.



TammyB said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your friend Vicki's diagnosis. Just sent up a prayer for healing. (((hugs)))
Funny about your furbabies finding their own ways to keep warm. Today I found Sparky laying on the heat vent. I had to make him move since it was making the room feel cool. Goofy dog!

Sherri said...

well try to stay warm!! it's pretty hear today. Actually hot with sun coming in window this afternoon. Prayers being offered for Vicki. funny you say Smokey is getting big because he still seems so small to me. Course he's bigger than he was but so small compared to what Gadget was. He's about 48 lbs.