Thursday, January 29, 2009

more economic bad news

I am listening to the news and it its all about the layoffs of more people in our area. Mark has to work a 12 hr day today (thank God we have jobs) so I haven't seen him yet today---just me and the dogs and cats (oh and Fish)

My brother ans sister-in-law have been "trapped" by another weather disaster.This time ice.Along with a lot of the country they are sheathed in ice and Snow. There is NO power in their county..they have been told to evacuate if they can...Luckily her boys are coming to get them and take them to Matt and Laurie's where they at least have electricity. Brad said the FEMA ans National Guard are coming in today...maybe up to 21 days before the county has electricity again.I know they are just part of a huge disaster

on the other hand I see signs of spring in my yard......the daffodils are getting buds and coming up though the ground . I am going to have to "suck it up' and save for another camera---more and more of my photos are coming out like this

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Sherri said...

oh no on the camera. that is bad. wonder what is wrong?!?! pretty dog!