Friday, January 9, 2009

pondering--TVA, new baby, boring day, Judi

big ole boring day---I couldn't sleep last night so I slept in to about 8:30 this morning. Read and waited for Mark to come home then the adventure began--
  • to the post office to mail Katie's January package
  • to the Barrel for dinner (and to buy a special tiny girl a 1st birthday gift from her grandparent's)
  • on to WalMart (I HATE going there but it is the only larger store in this county) to get a refund for something they overcharged me for ..and a few essentials like cat food and water and milk
  • to the drug store for a refill and
  • then home

to ponder Vicki's new blog entry and the pictures of the TVA disaster --check out the bottom of her blog

need to make a new baby card for Alison and Aaron at church (and big sister Gracie) who are the proud parents of a new baby boy who will be baptized on Sunday... What a wonderful time of life for a family. A new life to nurture and love and teach. To see all things new again. To have all the experiences that come with a new baby. A manifestation of a love between a man and woman. What a lovely time of life.

Judi is making amazing recovery. i talked to her today and she is driving and doing great. She got a new car and it is perfect for her. I told her today that her guardian angel did a good job that day---- She is blessed and obviously still has work to do here.

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