Wednesday, January 14, 2009


barely made it today-- because I have been so busy--with paper work and talking to ummmmmm---people on the phone. About my short term disability as well as trying to find some place that can start my OT sooner than the end of next week. Hellllooooo.. i am having surgery again the week after. so I got out my Theraputty (from when i had a problem before with my hands--Theraputty= silly putty with attitude) and my paraffin bath thing and doing my own OT--who needs a therapist??? well I do..but i am making do with what i can figure out for myself.

so here we go 01.14.09--a view of my desk with all my paper on it about my disability..geeesh.----sorry for the brushing out on my photo---protecting what privacy I have left------

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