Monday, January 5, 2009

who would have thought........

I always swore I would love to stay home and do nothing----now I am and I am bored to bits. I wish i had more mobility it is irritating.

  • we still don't know the outcome of the "spill" long term
  • we had potato soup and grilled cheese for dinner
  • production started today for Brad and Katie
  • I cant get my new camera wallet to work--the software wont load
  • Mark is having to do a lot of housework

Pics of my recent past projects---

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Katie said...

sorry things are boring :( your crafts are cute though!! trust me, we have plenty of excitement out here for the rest of you. just finally got in..... been up since 5am... so im about to crash i think. then get up and go to work at 8, get home around 1130, nap then back on set at 3 tomorrow afternoon.

in other news: THE MOVIE IS AWESOME!!!! It's looking to amazing and great.

and I was a featured extra tonight. it was pretty hot i must say. in a dance scene no less. anyway, talk to you tomorrow