Saturday, January 24, 2009

ET barns

So today we started off going about 40 miles away looking for a new storm door. Went to Sweetwater to a salvage store... I don't know why I didn't think to call first to see if they EVEN had storm doors. They didn't.
But it was a pleasant day in ET. In our area there are many small farms but on the way to Sweetwater in McMinn county there are even many more small farms. One thing I have always loved about this area is the timelessness of it and the history that is all around us. As we were driving along I noticed the old barns. Who knows how long they have been sitting there unnoticed just doing their little barn job. Most of the local barns are called "Cantilevered barns" something that is unique to our area and absolutely a part of our heritage I would hate to see disappear. Anyway, somewhere on Hwy 58 between Roane County and McMinn County sat this little hardworking fellow---doesn't she look tired? You can tell she has sheltered many animals and humans and worked hard. A older lady who has worked hard for a long many of the women I have known in my life

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