Friday, January 16, 2009

Panda Buffet

well today was very cold as well.... I meant to get a picture of the pond again but it got to late before I thought of it again. I went out to check this afternoon sometime, thinking that in the afternoon it might be thawed a little, to find that the shallow end was frozen solid. I even stepped on it and it didn't budge. And the ice crystals in the yard are even longer-- maybe those will be my photos for tomorrow if I get up early enough.... heck is is supposed to get to 29 or 30 tomorrow so it may melt if I don't get up early LOL

Mark and I went out to dinner tonight with Mark and Lois to the Panda Buffet in LC. I cant believe I have finally gotten my Mark to go to a Chinese buffet and actually like it--and not complain the whole time. Heck I even saw him with some Beef and broccoli and teriayki chicken on his plate. The only reason he went the first time was that Mark and Lois picked that place.. and Lois assured him they had good 'ol American food as well as Chinese and on Friday night all the crab legs you can eat.

so that is the best I can do for my pic of the day-- the Panda Buffet--and I didn't even get a pic of the food or the people--sigh--failure already

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