Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my sweetie

i was thinking about things again today---sometimes a scary thing.my hubby is one of the most considerate men ever---funny things he does that are important to me that no one else would think of as important.

  1. he always makes sure i get the "end piece" of the loaf of bread since it is my favorite
  2. 2. he takes care of the outside chores and doesn't even ask me if i want to help---because he usually knows i don't

    3.he checks on me if i have been 'marinating" in the bath tub too long--he either wants to wake me up or know that i am OK

  3. he knows what scares me--and doesn't make fun of my silly fears

  4. he loves me just how i am--fat, sad, unhappy and depressed

  5. he makes sure that things he knows will bother me--a dead bird in the yard, something being mistreated etc..i will never see

what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man he is!


TammyB said...

Oh Brenda - that is so sweet!

Sherri said...

he's a keeper!