Tuesday, January 13, 2009


today I got my stitches out --and found out i have to stay off work until my next surgery(on the other hand). and will start PT or OT as soon as i can get set up .I got a new wrist splint today to wear when I am doing something with my hand. i am having pain still and no grip--- oh well-- wouldn't be so bad if I could scrap or card make or something.

I have decided to be a late entry in the "365"concept of taking photos...so mine will be more like an original--"355" LOL I wonder if I can count the days i have posted pictures of cards and stuff since technically it is a photo---well heck-- i guess i can count whatever I want since this is my own special blend of whatever I want to do---here is today's

Tigger taking a nap


Katie said...

glad you're doing ok!! and ahhhh Tigger is the cutest ever!!! I think i'm gonna do the photo thing too! sounds like fun.

did you see the pictures from last night? they were posted earlier

Sherri said...

you can count them anyway you want, or go 10 days into next year. either way you are documenting your every day life. pretty spoiled looking cat! ha
Thanks re: your comment to my layouts.

TammyB said...

What a sweet picture! I tell ya, I'm having a hard time taking a picture of my cat. She's black and that is causing some issues. That is one of my goals for my Project 365 - to get a decent picture of Molly, LOL :)

Glad to hear your doing okay.

Anonymous said...

The good thing about all this is your blogging on a regular basis now!