Monday, January 19, 2009

todays word is SNOW!

we don't get much snow here in south eastern Tennessee.Today was one of the days we did get snow. Not a whole lot (only about an inch) but it was beautiful...big giant snowflakes. I wonder why snowflakes look grey when they are falling from the sky? once they gather all on the ground or tree or whatever they look white. Today even Sadiey (our black cocker) was covered in white when she came in. These were excellent huge beautiful flakes.

I started OT this morning and had a migraine as well so I slept through a lot of the snow. but I did manage to take a pic or two of it.....
even with the recent frigid weather it didn't last long and is nearly gone at nightfall

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Sherri said...

wahoo! fun snow! If I lived there I would probably think differently but to me it would be exciting because we so rarely see it