Sunday, January 18, 2009

Started today by getting up and going to church-which is our usual Sunday morning thing to do. I think our church is beautiful all the time..wonderful historical/modern/retro building.It was built in the very early 60's and was sooooo modern then-- now retro. But with some beautiful features. The stained glass in the front of the alter... the "planter"(remember the kind that are open to the outside--real outside dirt in the nave), the way the sun shines in during morning services through the stained glass, the Alpha and Omega incorporated into the stained glass, the three crosses that are part of the framework for the stained glass. It is beautiful
After church we came home and I studied for a while. It is not as cold today as it has been(all the way up to 50 F today) and the ice thawed in the pond. The pump is working again since it is now unfrozen. Anyway, After a while I decided I was getting depressed and tired and we needed to get out of the house. We have wanted to see "Defiance" since we saw it advertised some time ago. So we hit a matinee.
It was a great movie--I would recommend it. I cried of course. I will not spoil it but it is sad but a great movie about perseverance and the human ability to fight for what is right. Go right out and see it--

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Sherri said...

wow, that trailer for the movie looks intense. I can see why you cried.