Friday, January 2, 2009


This only having one hand to work with has made me appreciate my Mom all that much more. About a year before her death she had her left arm amputated. After her recovery period she was able to function on her own. She learned how to do all of the things that any normal woman would do (including folding sheets) all with one hand/arm. I am having so much trouble with having my right hand disabled. I am having some pain and mostly am bored. I wish I had this time off with both hands working so I could be crafty LOL

see comment from previous post and know I have an awesome daughter and Brad is lucky to have her for a girlfriend.

Good luck on production starting Brad!!!

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Katie said...

haha nice! you took my advice. and i'm glad you mentioned brad too... if he has a chance to look at it, he will be thrilled to have been mentioned. if yuo get bored, check out their new website and subscribe to the email list!!! i'm on there. oh yeah.