Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Ol' Days Diner

What a beautiful sunset. Mark took this picture from the door of the diner. He thought it looked like a Indian arrowhead--- I think it looks like a fish

This is one of our favorite places to eat. This is a small place near home that has great food. They have been open about six months. They have the best burgers in Roane County. They also have great desserts..but have only managed to eat dessert once because the food is so filling. If you ever make it to this part of the country---Stop here for good eats!


Katie said...

can't believe you never took me there while I was home! UGH!

Katie said...

poop will be there till May 3. shooting ends feb 14, but it'll keep going for a bit after that. when is vacation scheduled for again?? i gotta make sure to tell them asap for work

Anonymous said...

Just where is this diner and why have I not been??