Saturday, May 2, 2009

5.2.09 Saturday

this is the POTD-- the three of us at the Pink Palace
We went to have lunch with Katie at the
spent this afternoon at the

This is where our DD Katie works. We got the Scoop on Poop (this was the last day of this exhibit) and went to the Imax. It is so good to see where the education is leading the young lady. Who knew she would learn all about Poop??

anyway, then we saw where her real interest are --the Egyptian displays. We saw a Imax movie about Mummies and another about The Grand Canyon

We then went to Church with Sharon (Brad's mom) at the biggest church i have ever been too.... a lot different from our little church but nice none the less. Then to dinner at the Memphis Pizza Cafe-- then back to the hotel to sleep and rest

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Katie said...

Yay!! Wheres the funny pic of me tickling brad!?