Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5.27.09 Wednesday

So I went back to the Y for the first time since vacation---worked out for one hour--the instructor never showed up.
Then after that I ran to Petsmart to get some fish and plants for the new pond. The POTD is not too great but i got 7 fish (red mouth minnows--goldfish LOL), a snail and 4 water plants. There was no indication of what the plants really were or info on them. So I picked out the 3 I thought most attractive (I got 2 of one kind) and wrote down the names so I could look them up when I got home. One of them turns out to be sweet flag (a kinda iris looking thing) which is something I wanted to get anyway---so now we have 7 fish---waiting to see how the 12 cent each fish do before we put the big fish out there, 6 plants and a snail (gosh just about forgot the pollywog's and the mosquito larvae--which is what the fish are supposed to eat).

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