Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5.20.09 Wednesday

this morning at 4 am Katie and Brad arrived to have fun at the beach with us. The S's walked down to the beach while Brad caught up on some sleep.

Mr S and Katie walked the was too cold to get in the water still.
these little fellas were near our Villa. We looked for them every time we wet out. They were so neat. We watched them many times to see what they were up too. They were living in a drain pipe near the inlet. Once we came out to their area and saw one of the smallest wandering around ..we were still and listened .... and heard the mom calling the baby to come home.. we even got to watch the little one look around and then go to the pipe and go home
we loved these pretty little flowers growing on the beach--not sure what they are except pretty

we were still pretty tired from being up most of the night so we spent a lot of time just lazing around the by the pool and in the hot saltwater tub Brad especially loved it

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