Thursday, May 21, 2009

5.21.09 Thursday

Today was laid back . Mr S and I went to the beach early in the morning/afternoon and I got to lay on the sand and soak up some sun-- these were my nearest visitors.... Mr S walked on the beach and looked for shells. It was still to cold to be in the water. Meanwhile Katie and Brad were back at the pool lazing around.-- we all managed to get a good dose of sun burn

in the afternoon we made our trek to Huntington Beach State Park . It is such a fun place to visit and we always have a good time there. We went through Atalaya and renewed our acquaintance with the beauty there. This was the first thing we saw there.... he was huge- if you looked really close you could tell he was asleep in the sun.

Atalaya is a beautiful place to take photos...
We drove up to the jetty parking lot and started out to walk to the jetty---probably about 1.5 miles. Somehow, being on vacation we had lost track of the days and the times and what time high tide was. I never walk all the way to the jetty because of the pain walking on the sand causes my hip. K and B took off walking and were out of site pretty soon. Mr S and I were looking for some shells to add to our collection and slower . After a while I was ready to stop and Mr.S went on to take some pics of K and B. I waited on the sand.
One thing we had both commented on was that the sandy beach seemed to be shorter to the ocean. While i was sitting there all alone (could not see one other human in any direction) with the ocean fast approaching high tide, the salt marsh and alligators behind me and nothing beside me... i got scared. I am not a brave person to begin with but this was totally out of my realm of experience. I got as close to the dunes as i could where i was and then decided when the next wave left i needed to make a run for it and find more beach......gotta admit i was a little more afraid.lucky for me i found the next hunk of land was a little longer and soon enough here came Mr S, K and B---- oh and i found a perfect sand dollar .
Mr S found a skate case
Then we were off to our favorite place to eat at the beach--Murrel's Inlet (Someone ask Mr S what that hole in the table is for).

by then it was time to hit the villa for some more rest and relaxation

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