Saturday, May 16, 2009

5.16.09 Saturday

on the road again-- today we drove right at 7 1/2 hrs and arrived at Myrtle Beach at 4:15 pm. at the South Beach Resort ( Mr S took this picture on the way down here. He says it is a cloud pig

We have always tent camped at Myrtle Beach so this was a different kind of vacation for us. We drove in and out of rain the whole way here. The villa is nice and roomy and comfy. The surrounding area is nice as well. We are on the fourth floor and have a screened in porch.

while we were "moving in" for the week, Mr S took this picture of me

and this is us on the beach--taken by a nice lady in a purple dress--- it was starting to get cold

this is the view from the front door


Ann Marie said...

Oh, wow, beautiful! I went to Myrtle Beach once, but it was with a bus tour, along time ago. Loved the beach, though. :-)

Karenladd said...

Hi Brenda! so you are on the road again!!! Great photos, but it looks chilly!!! Almost like here by the San Francisco Bay! Just checking your blog to see what you're up to these days!