Monday, June 8, 2009

6.8.09 Monday

Today I saw a Mimosa tree in bloom. i was driving to fast to get a photo of it--so I got this one from the net...cant remember who to give credit too...sorry
anyway the blossoms of this tree always remind me of my childhood.We had a large Mimosa tree that was growing on the edge of the yard. To me it was a summer happening-- it meant the long lazy days of summer were here for a while.
I loved that tree so much. To me it looked like a fairy house.. (see i loved fairy's even then) with the little flowers being the fairy clothes hanging on the clothes line to dry. I thought the little leaves (which curled up when you touched them) were a toy the fairy's left for me... sorta magic how they curled up and then came back to normal afterwards.
Mother always disliked that tree-- because the dying flowers made a mess in the yard, the sap made the car all sticky and they were hard to clean up.
But I did like that tree a whole lot.


Molly said...

What a gorgeous flower Brenda!! That must be something in your neck o' the woods cuz I don't think we have any in San Diego, sadly! Thank you soooooo much for your kind words about Sarah! You are an amazing lady! (((HUGS))))

Ann Marie said...

My grandma on my dad's side had a mimosa tree--it was my very favorite thing in the whole world, it seemed--I just loved the smell and the flowers, and swinging in the swing underneath it. :-)