Monday, June 15, 2009

6.15.09 Monday

today was my six month check up with Dr Mende--my eye doctor. I have to visit her frequently because of the medication I am on. It is something that has a potential for damage to the eye. Anyway--- her pronouncement is that "you have the driest eyes I have ever seen" words like "instant tear break up" and "they are supposed to last at least 15 seconds"---- "back on restasis" ----"genteal"--- "you HAVE to make sure you do this every single day"---"punctal plugs again"

so there you have it-- i have punctal plugs again (silicone plugs in my tear ducts to make sure what tears i do make stay in my eye and don't drain out), back on Restasis and will see Dr Mende again in 6 months

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