Sunday, June 21, 2009

6.21.09 Sunday

Father's Day

Today reminds me how just plain lucky I am. I was so blessed to find the perfect-for-me husband right off the bat--first time. Mr S is the worlds best dad. He should be the father of a bunch of little girls and boys. Too bad the heavenly father thought different---well I guess His plan is perfect no matter what it is. good qualities for a wonderful daddy--which just happen to be some of Mr S's best qualities
  • a Christian
  • no matter what the kid says you always have an answer (remember the talking bed)
  • always ready to play a game, answer a question, or explain how something works
  • quite strength
  • willing to go along with whatever makes everyone else happy
  • a great provider
  • consistent and hardworking
  • loves his wife
  • loves his daughter
  • loves the rest of his family
  • all around good guy


Anonymous said...

He is a great guy Brenda...Happy Fathers Day "Mr. S"

Molly said...

What a wonderful tribute! Congratulations on such a BLESSED life Brenda!!!