Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6.2.09 Tuesday

YEAH!!!! they live after all- Today's POTD is the fish that are now living in our pond.

went out to feed them tonight and soon after the food hit the water there they were---finally!!! some strange animal that was lurking in the pond didn't get them after all!!! actually these are not really good photos I was just glad to see something alive in there!


Molly said...

You have a pond!! Waaay cool doll! That would be such a wonderful addition to our backyard but Ryan said it would just be a giant water bowl for Chloe! LOVE the cloud picture - absolutely gorgeous! Awesome blog sweetie, I promise to visit more often! (((HUGS)))

Ann Marie said...

Cool pond! Fish are too good at the "disappearing" or "dead" act. I always think my hubby's fish, Fish Counselor, is dead. LOL

She does it just to mess with me, I think. She will float on her side, unmoving, drifting slowly down (she's a betta so breathes at the top, so being at the bottom is a bad sign!), or looks "stuck" in the rocks at the bottom of her bowl. I always wait until I can't stand it anymore, convinced she has died (again), and get T--then she's miraculously fine when he comes over. LOL