Friday, July 11, 2008

We bought something new---

something neither of us have ever had-----
On our way home from our vacation on June 28th we stopped at a car dealer and bought a brand spanking new Chevy HHR. When we signed the papers it had 119 miles on it--and I had put about 5 of those on it trying it out!
Now you must keep in mind that other car was 10 yrs old and did not have any bells and whistles-- still had a non working tape player with nary a CD to be seen.
This thing has more gadgets than you can shake a stick at. I can phone home, get directions from onstar, call for Help!.. heck they can even unlock my car for me and tell me when to change the oil, what my average MPG and speed are and how many MPG I am getting right down to the second and if I have a low tire geesh! I am almost intimidated by the dang thing-- LOL
OK-- down to details-- it is a 2008 HHR LT in Bright metallic blue (it sorta changes to purple in the sunlight) 4 door sedan, XM radio, Onstar, the rear seats and the front passenger seats fold down for large items, the drivers seat adjust in something like 16 different ways, the rear view mirror automatically adjusts to the lights behind, and i have an "enhanced stereo package" along with the CD player. oooo I can say' Call home" or "call Katie" and it does----snort I know i am a goober but it is fun to play with.....
i now have nearly 700 miles on it and have loved everyone of them. Tonight when we went to eat I pulled in and a teen in the car next to me through the door of their car open and hit my front bumper with her door.,..... grrrrr. then the mother tried to say it was my fault when it was her child who opened the door into me (anyone know the law on this) anyway the paint where she hit me wiped off--- My first words were "is she OK?" and the mom's were "what the _ _ _ _ happened?" and then "let me look at my door" gotta wonder about people anyway it is all good now
so here are a couple of pictures of the car and the goofy salesman-- Steve


Anonymous said...

did the idiot who hit you pay for it???

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

I like it!