Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lullaby albums

Just a fast note. I have been busy working on baby albums for Matt and Laurie and for Abigale's grandmother and grandfather (my brother and sister in law). Yes, I have known they are having a baby from the first month ... but I just have not gotten it made. I always make it very personalized to the baby –but this time it is just a baby girl album x 2. I am making an extra this time that is gender neutral because it always seems like I am late getting the one made for an expected baby.
The album is a “birth”day page, two pages for every month of the first year and then a happy birthday page. The pages between the first and last are all lullabies or songs that I think are good for a baby's first year. This album has Jesus Loves Me--Twinkle, Twinkle—Somewhere Over the Rainbow-- Mairzy Doats-- Oh Little Playmate---Till There Was You--- At Last-- You Are My Sunshine—Hush Little Baby—All Through the Night—What Child is This—Lavender's Blue, and of course Happy Birthday. I have the first 6 months done and wanted to get them done today-- but I guess I wont. Maybe tomorrow

The other update is the waterfall--- Mark has not worked on it this week. But I have not posted the pics I last took so here they are

of course you have to remember that all of the planting and landscaping is yet to be done. But I think it is looking wonderful so far


Katie said...

ohhhhh i love the pages! and hte waterfall is looking great :) be sure to tell dad i said so.
love you! i'll call you tomorrow

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the comment, Brenda, I hope to get caught up reading everyone's blogs soon!

Karenladd said...

That waterfall is HUGE!! And it's already lookiing amazing..can't imagine how spectacular it will be with landscaping!!

Karenladd said...

The lullaby album is so sweet! Love how you put the nursery rhymes and songs in with the pages.