Friday, April 10, 2009

3.10.09 Friday

This afternoon a tornado went through Murfreesboro actually pretty close to where Katie lived when she went to MTSU. There was a lady and her 9 week old baby daughter killed and her hubby critically injured.

by the time it got here it was leaving work time-- I started out on Yarnell Road on the way home with some wind and rain. The more I drove the worse the weather got. I was afraid to stop and almost as afraid to keep going. It was like driving in a washing machine!! to make matters worse the radio announcer kept saying "the worst of the storm is right over Yarnell Road" ??Geesh.

I am really glad that it didn't last long and the rain was much needed and appreciated. Just glad it was not worse. Obviously I didn't have time to stop and take a pic, but dear Mr S was at home doing just that--- the pic doesn't do justice to how hard it was raining but it is still the POTD.. and then the afterward as well.

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