Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4/28/09 Tuesday

Mr S has worked like a Trojan on the waterfall this spring. he has it going some times LOL... He has added lots of extra rock to the bottom near the liner.........soon we will be ready for fish(ies) to join Fish in the outdoor sanctuary {{{ let me explain that Fish (with a capital-as in a proper name) that lives in a tank in the living room will soon move outdoor with some new little friends that wait at the store for us}}}
We have already acquired some wild frogs that are enjoying the water and wetlands area---love the sound of "peepers" in the spring
We have the Lily in and growing leaves for shade and the hopefully a white flower. We have also planted 3 cat tails growing to help with the purification... not sure what else we can put in there--it is a learning process this year

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