Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4.8.09 Wednesday

Melinda, Maggie and Tina

we had a shower for Tina today at work. It was so much fun. She is dieting so we had a "salad" potluck. We all made a salad to share. Sherry and I were kinda in charge of it. We worked on this for a month or more and tried to keep it a secret from Tina.
We took up money and got them a nice gift card to their favorite store.
Amazingly enough, she never caught on and we managed to STUN her LOL. Terry got her to the room by telling her that she needed to show her something in her car.....and brought her to the room. She was trembling she was so amazed. We really had a good time. Good food.... good times ..good fun

....and don't even ask about the party the ladies from church gave her LOL

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