Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4.15.09 Wednesday

The dogwood trees are blooming-- They are beautiful as usual. So they are the POTD

please see the neighboring towns homage to the Dogwood tree
and the legend of the Dogwood

In Jesus time, the dogwood grew To a stately size and a lovely hue.
'Twas strong and firm, it's branches interwoven For the cross of Christ it's timbers were chosen.
Seeing the distress at this use of their wood Christ made a promise which still holds good:
"Never again shall the dogwood grow Large enough to be used so.
Slender and twisted, it shall be With blossoms like the cross for all to see.
As blood stains the petals marked in brown The blossom's center wears a thorny crown.
All who see it will remember Me Crucified on a cross from the dogwood tree.
Cherished and protected this tree shall be A reminder to all of My agony."
~ Author Unknown ~

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Sherri said...

aw, I love the dogwood trees. Ours have already bloomed out and all the blooms have fallen off but they were gorgeous.