Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4.21.09 Tuesday

this time of year always makes me kinda sad and morose. This year particularly so. My mother passed away 4/9/1982. It happened to be Good Friday. She was buried on Easter Sunday 4/11/1982. This year the dates were eerily close to the date all those years ago... ready for some cold chills?? She was born on Christmas Day 12/25/1922. The similarities of Christ life always struck me..... same birth day and same day of death. I always thought it fitting that she was buried on Easter Sunday--- The day that gives us hope in the future in Heaven

now my wonderful Mother (Mary Christmas May Jackson) did not have a easy life....she grew up in the depression on a farm--poorer than dirt apparently. She worked for the company that took their family farm, was exposed to toxic substances while at work, married the man she loved-who loved and hurt her unbearably-- had three children (two who grew to adulthood), worked hard every day as a cook in a restaurant and later in a sewing factory, got sick and suffered horribly from the toxicity that she was exposed to all those years before... and finally died at age 59 years old.........so very very very sad. She loved her children more than life itself. She was a great Mom and I still miss her

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