Sunday, April 5, 2009

4.5.09 Sunday

got a new dog bed today---unfortunately someone else took it over before Sadiey got a chance. The biggest is Bubba and the little cold one in the back is Tigger


Ann Marie said...

hee hee We got our kitties a dog bed their very first Christmas b/c it was big enough to hold both of them. :-) But now anymore! LOL

Ann Marie said...

There's a button on a post that you have to push to get out of Children's Mercy's parking garage so they can take a picture of you before you leave. I had 10 cars behind me, pulled up to the post, and realized the gate was already coming up--my mirror was just *barely* touching the post. So with all those cars behind me, I couldn't back up... I just went on through--and it tore my mirror off. LOL Brilliant!