Monday, March 9, 2009


today was a usual day with a stop at the Y on the way home to work out.....

my POTD is the apple that is sitting on my desk waiting on me to eat it--- and since i dont even like Mtn Dew I dont know where that can came from


Katie said...

congrats on still doing teh Y!! My gym is closed this week for the break unfortunately :( HOWEVER! We had a free nutrition and wellness seminar start at work this week, and it goes for 6 weeks. We got some really awesome resources today like a little calorie/fat/carb counter book (kinda liek the weightwatchers one) and a portion plate, and all kinds of papers. Just to let you know, there is this awesome website and it's free and you can type in whatever you have no matter what it is, and it keeps track of what you have through the day, and its easy!

Sherri said...

I so love crisp crunchy apples!
glad you are sticking to your workouts!