Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Memories of Handee Burger

my POTD is fraught with memories--- the sign that says Handee Burger is the POTD-- the menu sign is just as supporting player.
Handee Burger is a little burger place in Kingston. I can see by the sign that they now sell all kinds of other things---but my memory is tied to the little Handee Burger. They are/were the same size and shape as a Krystal burger and taste pretty much the same.
I swear that when Katie was little Handee Burgers are the only thing that kept her alive. When she wouldn't eat anything else--and she was a picky eater she would eat a Handee Burger. We didn't have a Krystal anywhere near here at the time---nearest was probably about 30 miles away.
At the time we could get 3 Handee Burger's for $1 and sometimes that is all I had. She would get a little burger or two as a treat when she got out of school sometimes, or when she was getting ready to go to piano or something.
Anyway-- Handee Burger's have played a big part in our lives for one thing or another.... and they were yummy as a bonus.


Katie said...

oh man that is so creepy! i was just telling jessie that i wanted a handee burger and i hoped brad could try them this weekend while we're there.. then i looked at your blog!! too funnny!! i want one so bad now :(

Ann Marie said...

Sounds like White Castles--yummmmmmmmm.

Sherri said...

3 for $1 - can't do that anymore!