Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3.31.09 I PASSED!!!!!

we were in meetings all morning at work today. I came back from my session and had a email from a friend asking if I had heard from the CPC exam yet...so i hopped on the web site for the AAPC to see. Much to my amazement(shock, surprise,etc etc) i found that i passed the exam. If you look closely you will see that i made 76%--you had to make at least 70% on all sections. I dont care how closely I squeeked by---I PASSED!!!!!
everyone at work found out pretty fast because they all heard me gasp with surprise LOL
WHEEEEEEEEE! go me! I feel like i have won a race !

hi Katie and Brad


Ann Marie said...


Katie said...

yay, momma!! knew you could do it :-p Brad says congrats too :-p And hello!!

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

FANTASTIC!!! I'm so proud of you!