Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday 3.10.09

Already 10 days into March--- just got back from the Y (again) and looked to see what Mark has done to the waterfall/pond. It is time to get those plants in ... he just has a little more cleaning to do.....and fish is hoping to get out there to live this summer. Need to do a little more sealing to preserve the water as it falls but that will come... then a little more landscaping and building..... we are getting there!
Decided to wait until after Katie is here this weekend to start painting the bedroom because the shelves and stuff will have to go in her room while we paint. (CAN we say we are excited she will be here for a visit???) then the floor in the kitchen and of course the backyard as we go along....sigh. we will eventually get done. and then start on the new windows and doors and fence...and....
my POTD is something I see nearly every day. This is the odometer today. I drive a lot . If you look you will see there are now 11935 miles on my new car. that means that in 8 1/2 months I have driven 11820 miles since there were only 119 miles on the car when we drove it off the lot. I drive an average of 1390.6 miles a month... geesh it is actually much more than that when you think that i barely went anywhere the entire month of January and 1/2 of February

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Sherri said...

yep, you drive a lot. I don't do that many miles in a year usually.