Friday, March 6, 2009


today at the Y again to swim class/aerobics ... the instructor tonight is pregnant----wayyyy pregnant LOL and just as cute as a button. We had a good time.
Today's POTD is on of my favorite LO's ever. I made this in 2002 for my boss for her birthday-- Actually made her an entire album with all of the employees on a separate page. The theme was "while the cat's away..." We did it while she was on vacation.she is represented by the big cat (and she loves cats) and her staff members are the mice. We took pictures of all kinds of "staged" events happening in our cubes--- we had a pedicure going on, a lady in pj's, i was reading a pile of books, one was asleep, someone was shredding faxes instead of working on them...etc We had a ton of fun. then we did the scrapbook for her.... lots of fun

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Sherri said...

what a funny story. sounds like a cool place to work!