Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday 3.17.09

Happy St Patricks Day!!! are you wearing green??
Today was a beautiful day in East Tennessee.... the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temp got up to almost 80 degrees. Today my brother, Brad, went back to the Dr. The Dr. twisted and turned his legs and ---drum roll please---he had no hip pain!!! Praise God!!! he is still having lots of pain in other parts of his body and cant go back to work until maybe April 15 but the hips are better!!! Please continue to pray about his job security.
Today's POTD is outside the parking lot at the Y--- i was sitting there looking around since I was early for my class. When this tree caught my attention---look at the way the tree grew...it made way for whatever was in it's way. See how the branches are nearly perpendicular to the ground? but it (whatever it was that was in the way) didn't stop the tree from persevering and growing up into the sky---good lesson for me --- not to be overwhelmed by whatever is in my way but to grow around it!

PS-- Hi Brad and Katie---

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Sherri said...

yep, that is a great lesson. he teachs in the most creative ways when we take time to see and listen