Sunday, June 15, 2008

These baby Wrens were at my sister in law's

Still looking for my Fae-- but I think she may be the one on my header of my blog. I want to change her a little bit though. I want her to have on a diaphanous dress and to be real ethereal~~dreamlike. And I want to put “Fae” on it somewhere in a subtle way. Anyway this will be my second tat. I got a Eeyore with a bunch of pansy's for my birthday 3 years ago, I had wanted one for a number of years but couldn't decide exactly what I wanted and where. So somehow, Eeyore ended up on my right outside ankle. Didn't hurt nearly as badly as I thought it would. Or maybe I will get the other thing I have been thinking of...... I don't know the artist in Pigeon Forge. But I think when we went to the Apple Barn with Becky and Ron our server had several tats and she told me who did hers....and since mine is small and detailed I want someone who can do a good job with that. I cant find a pic of the one I have...will have to get Mark to take a pic for me
Tiffany's wedding was really nice. We got there in the nick of time. So we didn't have to 'meet and greet” anyone prior to the wedding.~~grin~~. We ended up sitting with Karen and Tonya C. and Bob and Beverly S at the reception. They were the only other people we knew. We talked to them and to Charlie, Lillian, and the Bride and Groom. We ate some of the goodies and then left. Turns out all the fun happened after we left. There was apparently some dancing and other fun. But we were kinda uncomfortable not really knowing anyone..... My very best friend in the whole world, Judi, happens to live right next door to the we went and visited her and Carson. That was much more fun for us.
And I am glad to say that the appearance today was not near as uncomfortable as it could have been. Mark M and Lois were there and we ended up sitting with them, Charlie and Lillian and the Bride and Groom...... the rest of their family (8 more) sat at another table. Without Mark and Lois I would have not had as much fun as we did have. But we had to wait a while for our tables and it was HOT!!!
anyway I'm off to bed-- going to the eye Dr. again in the morning and then to my lovely job for one more week of misery before vacation.


Katie said...

I have one now, too!! you better comment... and update yours!!

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

hi sweetie-- good to see you here . now i can know what you are up too LOL
love ya